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Carbon Monoxide Detectors – One Minute Quick Tip

PMI Elevation - Tuesday, February 19, 2019

This is just a one-minute quick tip about the laws in Colorado surrounding a Carbon Monoxide (CO) detectors. As a part of any real estate transaction in Colorado, one requirement is that a Carbon Monoxide detector must be included in the home. There should be a CO Detector within 15 feet of each sleeping area inside of the home and within 25 feet of the source of the potential Carbon Monoxide production.

Also, it is a little known fact that Carbon Monoxide detectors do expire about 5-7 years -- so make sure you are checking your home's carbon monoxide detector as well as your rental units.

At PMI Elevation, it is a part of every inspection that we check the smoke detector batteries to ensure they are functioning. We also take it a step further and we test the CO detectors with aerosol when changing the locks. We also check the smoke detectors with smoke as well. This way we can test that the sensor is working, not just the button on the detector.

Hope this quick tip will help keep you and your tenants safe.